From beginners to experienced developers, everyone has something new to learn about CiviCRM. Our final schedule will have a variety of presentations organised into audience-oriented tracks, providing you flexibility and control over your experience. From case studies and “how to” sessions, to in-depth code review, the program will cover a diverse array of topics, and session types - ensuring you the opportunity to view broadly, and go deeply, into the CiviCRM community. In addition, the help desk will be open at various times throughout the conference to provide one-on-one consulting advice.

Whilst we are still accepting session proposals and creating the final session list we thought it would be good to give you a sneak peek!
In addition, the help desk will be open at various times throughout the conference to provide one-on-one consulting advice.

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Our sessions are aimed at users, implementors and developers.

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Complete session list

Session Description
Welcome to CiviCon and Keynote We'll kick off the day with recognition and thanks for the sponsors and volunteers that made this day possible followed by the state of the CiviCRM project. Then Thijs van Praag, the CEO of PUM Netherlands senior experts, will deliver the conference keynote address. 

with Joshua Gowens, Thijs van Praag, the CEO of PUM Netherlands senior experts

What's new in CiviCRM 4.6 and coming in 4.7 What does 4.6 have that previous versions don't? What's cool in 4.6 that you may not have tried yet. This user-oriented session will explain in plain language (with examples) the better known and lesser known features that 4.6 and 4.7 introduce to CiviCRM.

with Kurund Jalmi

CiviCRM for Absolute Beginners Are you TOTALLY new to CiviCRM, think it might be right for your organisation and are here/have been sent here to find out more? We are running this session for those who have never seen CiviCRM in detail before and experienced CiviCRM trainers will talk you through the basics of a system.You will also be able to play with a working CiviCRM system... read more

with Oliver Gibson

Using CiviRules at MAF Norge I will show you what we have done with the CiviRules extension at MAF Norge and take you through what needs to be done to create your own specific conditions and actions. CiviRules is an extension that can help organizations to automate their backoffice workflow. For example MAF Norge have automated their specific Thank You process, where a donor... read more

with Erik Hommel

Improving Data Quality using a doubt management tool During normal day to day activity, a user may encounter a situation that creates some kind of doubt about a contact record, or the user sees that the contact record has information missing or contains unknowns. This tool allows the user to quickly and easily identify the doubt or unknowns, enabling future referencing and investigation without... read more

with Hans Idink

Planning to get the most out of new data systems Introducing any new system of data capture and management can be exciting, liberating and scary. This session will help you avoid common challenges of database implementation; explore who should be involved (from inside the organisation and outside) and help you build strong support from senior management and buy-in from end users.

with Parvez Saleh

Using CiviEvent This session is aimed at existing CiviCRM users and administrators as well as those considering adopting CiviCRM. We'll go through how you can use the CiviEvent component to help you better manage and market your organisation's events programme whilst reducing your admin burden. The session will aim to cover setting up events, using event... read more

with Deepak Srivastava, Aidan Saunders

Bootstrapping CiviCRM development This session is intended for the wanna be CiviCRM developers / advanced implementors who wants to learn basic on CiviCRM development.   * Setting a development environment.  * Using the code generator, civix.  * Working with the Civi AJAX API  * Updating existing pages

with Kurund Jalmi

Integrating CiviCRM and Direct Debits At NFP Services we have developed and contributed several modules which have enabled users to reap the benefits of quick implementations with CiviCRM, whilst providing custom made extensions to meet specific needs. During our session we will be demonstrating:· Integration with third-party systems using Web Services· Membership renewals· Direct... read more

with Andrew Norgate (NFP Services - Director), Paul Hunter (NFP Services – Customer Services Manager)

Lunch - sponsored by Google Big thank you to Google for sponsoring this lunch

with n/a

Group Photograph Photographs in the Main Hall of all conference attendees

with n/a

Extension showcase In this session several people will show extensions they have worked and are proud of.  And which might be usefull for the community.  Jamie Novick CiviTask A tasks and assignment extension based on CiviCRM activities, with a slick and easy to use user interface, originally developed for CiviHR but compatible with Civi4.5+. Simple Mail A... read more

with Jamie Novick, Martin Hawksey, Martin Perth, Valerie Davo, Ilja de Coster

CiviHR: A Project Update and What's Next The CiviHR project has been running at full steam for the past 9 months, working up to a planned full product launch in late 2015. Version 1.6 beta will be available soon after CiviCON London, where you can get a first hands on with the latest development version. The session will cover a first look at the new features in v1.5, a walk through of... read more

with Jamie Novick

Make CiviCRM your own, unique and customized for your organization In this session, you'll learn how to change the CiviCRM interface:  - Add new items to the CiviCRM Menu  - Rearrange menu items  - Update contacts' Display Name  - Use Word Replacements  - Change what your staff see in Search Results.   Also learn how to alter the various types of public CiviCRM pages that you might have on your website. These... read more

with Valerie Davo - CiviDesk, Katy Jockelson - Cocomoon Design

Membership Management in CiviCRM If you are looking to implement the Membership module for your organisation or are struggling to understand how it works, this session is for you. We’ll be covering the basics and terminology you see when creating membership types and managing status workflows. We’ll show you how to create an online membership signup page and explain the... read more

with Heather Oliver, GMCVO Databases, Jon-man Cheung, GMCVO Databases

CiviProxy (Enhanced Security for CiviCRM) CiviProxy aims at improving CiviCRM's security by channelling inbound trafficthrough a custom proxy server that will only relay selected (white-listed),sanitised requests. The CiviCRM server itself would only be accessible viaVPN, thus significantly reducing the risk of attacks. CiviProxy is capable of processing several CiviCRM online features,... read more

with Björn Endres

Using CiviCRM to Communicate with Your Contacts During the first half of the session we’ll explore the basic communication functions within CiviCRM, including; Contact communication preferences including greetings setup.Outbound communications from CiviCRM, including Email, SMS and Postal communicationsIndividualising communications using mail merge, better known as Tokens within CiviCRMInbound... read more

with Parvez Saleh

CiviAccounting Beginning in release 4.3 of CiviCRM, a much more robust methodology for tracking and exporting financial data was introduced. Now it is easier than ever to have CiviCRM track contributions and other financial transactions the way fundraisers want to see them, but at the same time easily export that financial information the way the accountants... read more

with Jamie Novick

CiviCRM and Wordpress - How integrated are they? We will show and discuss an actual instance of WordPress-CiviCRM integration.Specifically, integration between CiviCRM and Commons in a Box, showing how CiviCRM can be used to track and enhance community activity. This will involve showing how the current suite of sync plugins function: read more

with Christian Wach

Party Party at the Coronet pub/Wetherspoons

with n/a

The CiviCRM Roadmap Three reasons to come to this session. 1) To find out what we have planned for the upcoming releases of CiviCRM. 2) To find out how we construct the CiviCRM roadmap, in other words, how we prioritize features, how we decide what will make it into each new release of CiviCRM. 3) How you can get the functionality you need included in an upcoming... read more

with Michael McAndrew

How the Socialist Party (Netherlands) made the transfer to CiviCRM and adapted the programme to its needs We will show you how we manage all the data of our members with their different kinds of memberships and their various relationships with the local branches and the national party, including our local council members and national members of parliament. We also made it possible for our local branches to have access to CiviCRM and to manage their... read more

with Oane Sikkema

Drupal views I assume you have heard of CiviCRM. But did you know that there is a really powerfull Drupal module to display all kinds of data on your portal? In this session we explore this Drupal Module which is called Views. This tool easy to use because it is all done with mouse click and no coding at all. So it is not really for developers but rather for... read more

with Erik Brouwer (CiviCooP)

The CiviCRM API This session is aimed at developers that have not used the CiviCRM API before or have just started using the API. We will explain the basic principles of using the CiviCRM API. There will be a couple of examples of how we have used the API to change CiviCRM templates, retrieve or create entities, keep different databases synchronized or... read more

with Alain Benbassat

Birds of a Feather Sessions "Birds of a Feather" groups are self-organised discussions about topics of mutual interest. Participants will be posting discussion topics during the morning and then attendees can join a group based on their interests. In prior conferences, sessions have included: Social media and CiviCRM Documentation working group User to user support (forums... read more

with n/a

Case Study Round Table Are you thinking about venturing into the world of Civi but want to know what its really like?The case study round table is your chance to get the honest truth from the people using Civi out in the field. We'll have several organisations of all different types and sizes represented giving honest views about implementing and working with CiviCRM.... read more

with n/a

Data Protection for CiviCRM developers and users All organisations have Data Protection responsibilities, and much of the relevant data is likely to be stored in CiviCRM. As a developer, if you are aware of the Data Protection requirements you can do a lot to help your clients comply with the minimum of fuss. As a user, you must understand what you can and can't record, what you are allowed to... read more

with Paul Ticher

The multiple uses of CiviCRM Profiles and Drupal webforms During this session, we will present the different uses of profiles throughout CiviCRM. Profiles can be used internally (e.g., to create simplified data entry screens, display select fields in a search, batch update data ) or externally on public pages (e.g., to collect data, to display data like a member directory, to edit data). - What is a... read more

with Valerie Davo - CiviDesk, Jaap Jansma

Creating Dynamic UIs with Civi and Angular The Javascript world has been evolving at a dizzying pace, and recent versions of CiviCRM introduce rich UI's based on AngularJS. In this session, we'll create a new extension in Civi using AngularJS. Along the way, we'll touch on key concepts in each system, e.g. * Generating a quick starter project.* Creating routes and directives.* Using live... read more

with Tim Otten

Lunch Lunch

with n/a

Lightning talks A Lightning Talk is a short presentation. Unlike other presentations, they only last a few minutes and we will deliver them in a single period by different speakers. Do you have a feature you'd like to talk about? Something interesting and special you have done in your organisation with CiviCRM? Want to share a case study of a success, or... read more

with Kester Muller (Not Forgotten Association), Martin Perth (Systopia), Björn Endres (Systopia), Chris Morley (Bloodwise), Alex Corr (Cambridge University), Parvesh (Veda Consulting)

Managing your events with Personal Campaign Pages and Civi Rules A first step towards integrating donor journeys with event fundraising management using PCP functionality and Civi Rules. This project is in it’s very early stages but this is an opportunity to show where we have got so far and invite other organisations to input into functionality for a Winter 2015 build and enhancement.

with Chris Morley

CiviConnect: How do we end the scavanger hunt? CiviCRM sits in the middle - exchanging data with your CMS, payment processor, email service, SMS service, spreadsheets, ad nauseum. CiviCRM is also extremely flexible - supporting multiple CMSs, multiple payment processors, multiple email providers, multiple SMS providers, ad nauseum. These are great power features, but they also come with a cost... read more

with Tim Otten

Who controls the data, controls the organisation. So know your data! Did you realize? CiviCRM is a database! It contains data… Big data, data analytics, data visualization, data mining, data-based decision making, data driven marketing and fundraising. A lot of buzz is going around. Indeed: who controls the data, does control the organisation. But do you know how? Do you collect and control the right data? Are you... read more

with Steinar Sødal, Ilja De Coster

Closing Session The conference closing session

with Michael McAndrew

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