White Fuse Media

Who are we?

We're a digital agency looking to equip charities and non-profits of all sizes to communicate creatively and effectively through digital media and technology. We look to equip communicators with the best tools for the job, creating custom made open source website and CRM solutions that allow organisations to better connect with their supporters, raise awareness about a cause, and achieve their goals.

Our work is about furthering yours. 

We love our clients and their causes, and we're proud to show the impact we make. For the past six years we've created lasting partnerships with over 50 charities, passionate about solving national and global problems together.

Sponsorship Level: 
Why we're sponsoring : 

Before 2005, finding a decent database to manage your charity's clients, staff and supporters was very costly. Charities that did invest often found themselves lumbered with proprietary systems that were infrequently updated and carried hefty per-user licence fees that hampered growth. CiviCRM changed that, and offers a comprehensive and flexible solution that allows charities to manage every aspect of their external interactions. It is this flexibility and breadth of scope which has drawn us to CiviCRM. 

We are huge CiviCRM advocates and a proud 'Founding Partner'. We are always keen to support the community where we can, and be involved in moving CiviCRM forward.