Extension showcase

Jamie Novick
Martin Hawksey
Martin Perth
Valerie Davo
Ilja de Coster

In this session several people will show extensions they have worked and are proud of.  And which might be usefull for the community.  Jamie Novick

  • CiviTask A tasks and assignment extension based on CiviCRM activities, with a slick and easy to use user interface, originally developed for CiviHR but compatible with Civi4.5+.
  • Simple Mail A simplified mailing interface for CiviCRM which will create a carefully formatted email for you in just a few clicks
  • CiviBooking Manage and rent out rooms and resources directly from within CiviCRM

Martin Hawksey

  • Custom reporting from CiviCRM in Google Sheets. In an environment where agility is key processes for rapid innovation are important. Civi can easily be extended and integrated, but often these need advanced skills or coding knowledge and an investment in time and resources. At the Association for Learning Technology we've lowered the level or expertise and resources by integrating Civi with Google Sheets. Using the free Google Apps Script service we can automatically collect and combine custom reporting data, generate charts and distribute to our team creating a new playground for actionable insight.

Martin Perth

  • Select a PDF letter extension Select-A aims at enhancing CiviCRM's capabilities to create postal mailings via the function "Print PDF Letter". It does so by letting the users choose, which location type of postal addresses should be used by default and as fallback options.
    It also provides tokens that will reflect the choices made and insert the correct postal address.
  • Open street maps Geo coding The OSM-Extension will provide an alternative geocoding provider for CiviCRM. Integration is very straight-forward, meaning that users will only need to choose the relevant provider on the settings page.

Valerie Davo

  • Google Apps Sync  This extension syncs all CiviCRM contacts to the Contacts Directory in Google Apps. The Contacts Directory is shared between all users of your Google Apps domain, and hence all CiviCRM contacts are available to them in the Google Mail autocomplete, or for search on their mobile devices.
  • Help Tab Your dreams have come true... Get a contextual help directly depending on the page where you are, and become an expert on CiviCRM. Help Tab is available to anyone upon a quick registration.

Ilja de Coster

  • Street import. Ilja will explain how they do Street import at Amnesty Flandres.


Session Date and Time: 
Thursday, October 8, 2015 -
14:00 to 15:00
Main Hall