Submit session proposal

If you are willing to present a session at CiviCon London you can submit your session with the form below.

Each session lasts for an hour and is aimed at users, implementors or developers. We have already compiled a predefined list with session topics which we think should be covered by the conference. If your session is not in the list please specify other and specify a title for your session.

If you are willing to present more than one session please submit the form for each session your want to present.

After submission we know that you are willing to present a session and as soon as we know the complete session list we will confirm whether your session has been accepted or not.


You can also suggest a Lightning talk

A lightning talk is a six minute talk that will set your audience on fire! It is brief and to the point.

Example of lightning talks:

  • Tell why you are passionate about CiviCRM
  • Show something you are very proud of
  • Tell the community about an experiment you want to conduct
  • Generate discussion/awareness about a certain topic. E.g. how to deal with anonymous data input and duplicate contacts.
Select a session topic. If you choose your own you have to fill in your own session title. If you choose a topic from this list then also provide a short outline of your session

We will have seperate extension showcase sessions. In this session you could demonstrate your extension to the CiviCRM Community.

Name of the extension you want to show
Please provide an outline of your session topic
How would your audience interact with Civi? Select any that apply. Users manage data and make use of CiviCRM features. Implementers build, configure and administer CiviCRM instances for their own or other organizations. Developers write CiviCRM code, build extensions or program websites at a deep technical level.