Thomas Muirhead, Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research

"CiviCon is the coming together of the CiviCRM community. The strength of the software comes from that community, so it's worth taking the time to meet face to face. CiviCon is just one more reason why CiviCRM is such a powerful product."

CiviCon London - October 8th-9th 2015

CiviCRM is the leading open source CRM software for the third sector. Now in its eleventh year it just keeps on getting better and better, and the community around it keeps on growing. CiviCon and the programme of events around it are designed to welcome new people to that community and bring us together to share, learn and work. Whether this will be your first experience of CiviCRM or if you are seasoned pro, there is a huge amount of value in getting involved.